Boston dans sa nouvelle famille

Adopté le 20 Mai 2013

12 Mai 2013

Coucou les tantes, j’ai presque pris possession du bateau. Bryan dort maintenant sur la couchette de la cabine arrière.

Dear Aunty Josiane and Aunty Anne,
I have had a lovely day in my new home. The man is very nice and we are always in contact with each other, well his feet that is. He does a good tummy rub. Yesterday we went for a walk to the ecluse and I was so good he led me walk beside him without the lead. I had time to explore lots of smells and roll in the grass.
I haven't been down to the kitchen yet (Where is bryan. He is in the kitchen) but I had two options for dinner. One dish was biscuits and the other was biscuits gravy and some things called vegetables. I eat them first and they were yummy. I licked the bowl so clean.
He made me get up early this morning and took me out into the rain for you know what. I am now on by bed under the table with his feet tickling my tummy. Oh no he has stopped. He said he was going to get our breakfast.
Could you please ask the people looking after my sister to come over so we can have a walk together. I miss her.
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